Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Light of Fall

I do love the changing of the light and it just kills me that I'm not out there painting. I did this painting last fall. I love our local botanical gardens! Sigh.... But the house, the job, the squirrels, the "everything" that is not in its place has got me pretty down. I don't operate well on stress, and sugar. And then I get angry at myself. And boy you know what's next - mental explosion...

Last week I had to go out of town on business. At the hotel I vegged out one night in front of the TV for over four hours. (Let me add here, I don't have cable at home and tend to only watch movies or PBS so this was a treat for me.) I caught this home show where two brothers bought a condo and were going to work on it and flip it in 4 months. They were stressed to the max and one of the dumber brothers made me feel like a home renovating genuis. This little show gave me perspective. What I'm trying to do is hard. It's hard when there's two of you, ten of you or one of you. It's just hard.

I think I need to unpack some of my watercolors and set them up around the house - they make me happy. I need a more balanced perspective.

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