Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lilac Inspiration

I confess, I've always wanted to write one of those inspiration books. You know, the one you have by your bed or on the back of the toilet. The one that changes your blue day to a sunny happy one. But now that I think about it, the authors who have inspired me most to keep my chin up and try it again are ones that have gone through a great deal of pain themselves.
Does Life Equal Pain? Is that the only and best way to grow?
Today was hard. Between sales calls I cried in my car and talked to friends. (Thank God for my friends.) And I'm at a place where there is really nothing can do or should do. I just have to wait it out. And truly it's like waiting for a storm to pass. I'm tense with anticipation for the next clap of thunder - never really knowing when it will hit. And I know there are plenty of folks out there in this cyber world going through harder stuff than I am. But it's all hard and we all need inspiration or just a drop of hope, a promise. Here it is.I always find hope in flowers. I walked in my little spring yard - all I had was wild honey suckle - but it smelled delicious. My neighbor has a lilac bush and I snapped off a piece for my bedside vase. It's a little bit, just a reminder. And every time you start to worry smell the flowers you collected.
Inhale the beautiful fragrance, exhale thanks.

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