Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Abandoning Ship

Earlier this year, I started this blog because I was seeking anonymity because my boss was "visiting" my blog at least once a day. For the last few months, I tried to barrel through at my old blog and just keep posting in spite of my fears. But it hasn't worked out so well. Soon, I found that I was over thinking, over editing anything I posted. I was writing with her in mind, and I didn't enjoy blogging, it wasn't fun anymore. So from now on this is THE blog. And I'm a bit sad to say good bye to my first blog, my original blog, my blog of 3.5 years. I just have to let it go. It may take me a bit to build the momentum and enthusiasm I had with my former blog, but I hope that I am able to encourage, inspire and paint as before. It's a building process. Maybe this blog will be better. With every new beginning there is hope.

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