Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Very LONG Month

It's been a month since I moved into "this old house". I've gone through a wide range of emotions. Mostly regret and remorse at buying a house that needed so much work. I love a good project but this is the mother of all projects. I work full time, and try to work on my watercolors and writing my stories and now this... "WHAT WAS I THINKING" comes in my head alot.
(carpet was pulled of the stairs because a cat had weeweed on it and it stunk badly)

It was especially rough as I moved in and uncovered more and more hidden problems the the previous owners hid from me - strange stuff. One problem was fine but by the time I reached the tenth I was in a puddle of tears. I mean who puts the dead bolt on the door but doesn't put a hole for the deadbolt in the frame? Tell me WHO DOES THAT?

So I bought a six pack of wine coolers.... and now I completely understand all the beer bottles on construction sites.

Now that I've been here long enough to settle down emotionally, remember all the great and beautiful parts of this home - which was why I bought it in the first place -I might, just maybe, eventually be able to enjoy this place...

(this is the front room -I hate the baby blue walls, but once I cleaned it, well actually my mother cleaned it and we put my things in it, it wasn't so bad)

Here are some "before" pics and even now as I post them and look at them, I realize that before really isn't that bad. The biggest change will come with the paint. All the wood work and walls are painted a shade of white called "smoker's teeth" - really that should be the name of this white and I think I smell smoke.
(Oh, and Baby Kitty found the opening to the third floor attic - she was a mix of grays and blacks before she got a very bad hair cut. Here she is posing in a much cleaner state)

But this is my favorite place so far - the dining room. I took off the curtains and huge roller shades. Cleaned the windows and I might add they were filthy black - why don't people clean? huh? I think that's the number one decorating tip.
Everything looks better clean. Anyway, I digress, I plan on painting the room all white - true white. I can't wait to see what it looks like when I'm done. I've been working on it a little every night...


  1. I love love LOVE your new house. It has such charm! And such lovely, good bones and structure! You will be able to do SO MUCH with it.

    Don't get discouraged. You bought the house because you love it, and I can clearly see why. Wish I could be there to see it in person. (and see YOU!)

  2. Hang in there. I agree it looks marvelous. One day at a time.