Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Like You Already!!!

Before you even could open your mouth to prove you are good enough, rich enough or smart enough, what if someone said "I like you already" ... because you are present, you are smiling, you are you? Well I heard/read that today when I logged into to my first class of my first on-line course (lots of "firsteses" here.) Immediately I knew this woman, also known as Marise Haedike, could speak to me because she could speak to my heart and that's where I hear the best. Check out her blog here.
Sometimes us creatives need to get together, refocus and slow down and listen to that voice in us that told us to pull out the paint brush in the first place. I really need help in that area because over the years I've gotten a bit lost; working jobs to pay bills, allowing relationships to pull me way too far from painting, thinking this or that will bring me happiness. I'm finding the best days are the ones where I spend time creating. Even better are the ones where I'm painting while eating a chocolate cupcake. :) It's really that simple.


  1. Thank you for this Amy ~ and thank you for being a part of class. I'm liking the painting accompanied by a chocolate cupcake idea. :)

  2. Beautiful blog and I agree completely with this!

  3. Nice post- at the next class I am getting a mug of tea and a cupcake!

  4. Hi Amy
    Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog! Your work is lovely.
    Oh yes painting and chocolate what better mix lol.
    See you in the fish bowl.