Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charlotte Cox - Watercolor Artist and Friend

This week I've been encouraged to think about being true to myself and the artistic voice inside me while at the same time putting my work out to the world and doing so bravely and boldly. I find that spending too much time looking at other artist's sites and blogs leaves me feeling very down. And for me it's important to limit that time. I can feel my spirits moving from "wow" and really appreciating their work to making it about me and how "I'm not good enough" That stops me dead.

How do you look at another persons art and just enjoy it and let it inspire your art work? Why must I always compare?

One of the purest and most important times for me as a new watercolor artist was when I lived in Texas several years ago. I dived into becoming a better watercolor artist and took many classes. Through those classes I met many artists and created some great long lasting friendships. I would have to say that these friendships improved my art as much as the class.
(art work by Charlotte Cox)

One friend in particular, Charlotte Cox, helped me a great deal. That woman painted! She was learning too and dragged me with her to paint many of the area missions. We always had great fun and laughed alot. But besides painting more, she also helped me "see" my art better. She would point out what worked in my painting while at the same time offering helpful criticism. We had healthy competition yet, I rarely felt the cloud of comparison come over me. It has been years since I've had an artist friend like Charlotte and I'm hoping to find that again in my new hometown. It once again reminds me that we silly human beings aren't meant to be alone, that being in community is really the best way for all to thrive.

These watercolors are from Charlotte's "sketch book." She's working on an art book of San Antonio now and I can't wait to see it when it's done. Her website link is here. Enjoy!

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